Goodbye North Carolina, Hello Virginia!

Day 42 – Durham to Raleigh (Oxford), NC

Did you catch that heading? Yes, I ended up kind of going backwards. Read on to figure out how and why!

As I woke up in the Falls Lake State Recreation Area, I started to pack up my things when a lady came over. “Are you the Traveling Brewski?” she asked. A little confused, I said “yes, I am. Did you see me on the roads or something?”.

So the story gets a little more complex. Back when I was in Greenville, NC, when I posted on social media that I was planning on going to Raleigh and if anyone was able to host me, she was one of the many that responded! I had to say no to a couple offers, including hers. On Instagram they are the lifeinthebiggreenjolly. A green sleeper van that they travel in, but are based out of Raleigh.

I thought it was super crazy that we ended up meeting at this campsite! They invited me over to their site for some coffee and breakfast and we had a nice chat and I got to quickly get to know them and hear their future travel and business plans.

They wished me a farewell, and I was off with my sights on Kerr Lake which is just over the border in Virginia!

The biking today wasn’t bad at all as the weather was not as hot and I followed back country roads.

I knew that about halfway to the state park was a little brewery in the middle of nowhere in Oxford, NC called Tobacco Wood Brewing. Made it there in good timing and was ready for some beer!

It was a super awkward first 10 minutes. I was greeted by the bartender and I told him I was going to do a flight. He said great, just one moment. Then walked away and did a bunch of other random stuff including chatting with other patrons and never came back to me.

Eventually another guy asked if I was ready. I politely said yes, he took my flight order, handed me a table number and said my flight would be up shortly and then proceeded to roll silverware.

My seat is at the bar directly in front of the taps. I found this kind of amusing at this point and just waited. Finally, a third guy walked over and asked what I was waiting on. I said my beer that I ordered and paid for already. He then asked what I ordered and proceeded to make the flight. So it was a good 15 minutes before I got my beer.

The beer was refreshing and quite good for a small brewery in the middle of nowhere. As I was about to leave I asked the guy if I needed to sign a copy for my card that he swiped. He said no, you’re all good.

So, I never signed the receipt and never had a chance to tip.. I think they had some personel or management issues. I’m waiting for it to clear my bank to see if it was truly the $10.

As I was leaving, a young couple stopped me and we started talking about my trip. They asked if I needed anything including a place to stay for the night.

I was all for it! Then they said they lived in Raleigh.

I was just there a couple nights ago! I didn’t even have to ask them and without hesitation they said they would drop me back off at the brewery tomorrow whenever I wanted. So I said sure!

Jorge and Veronica!

We took my bike apart to fit it in their hatchback and then drove the 50 minutes back to their place. They made me pasta and we hung out for a while and I got to see a lot of Jorge’s home brewing equipment and beers that he is making. Veronica is from Uraguay and Jorge was born in the US but his parents are also from Uraguay. Go Uraguay in the Copa America cup! Veronica then asked if I wanted to go to a brewery.

Well of course! I didn’t get to try all of the breweries the two days I was in Raleigh, so I was up to try another one I hadn’t tried yet.

We went to Clouds Brewing. They had a cool pour-it-yourself beer wall with both some of their beers and some guest taps. I also had a bomb burger here. They were so kind to even pick up the bill for it all!

They asked what my typical breakfast is when I’m not biking, and I didn’t really catch why they were asking at first. I told them I would eat a 5 egg omelette every morning. So on our way home from the brewery, they stopped and got some eggs, veggies, muffins, bananas, and some snacks for me to take. What kind people!

We planned to leave their place at 9 in the morning and I said I would probably be up earlier than them.

Day 43 – Oxford, NC to Boydton, VA

I definitely did not wake up before them. I slept great and was dreaming like crazy!

Had a bomb breakfast of coffee, blueberry muffins, and my big ol tasty omelette.

I wanted to leave around 9am so I could make it to church by 10. I found this church on Google maps and it was only about 3 miles south of the brewery so I had them drop me off there.

Cornerstone Christian Community

I walk in with my t-shirt and shorts on and my GoPro and helmet in my arms. Everyone there is dressed in suits and dresses and looks real good! I stuck out like a sore thumb. Not only that, but this church was 99% black. There was only one other white guy that I ended up seeing after church ended.

They were all so welcoming and kind! Everyone wanted to say hello to me as they obviously knew I was new there. They even had me stand up during church to introduce myself!

Church just getting started

The music was on fire! People were out dancing all around and hootin’ and hollerin’. It was amazing. After the music they took the tithes and offerings and literally everyone got up and gave something. A lady even handed me some money to give.

On my way back to my seat, the associate pastor said they wanted me to sit up at the front with them and the pastor’s family. I obliged, got my stuff and sat front and center.

Message was about how pain bears fruit and how you can’t just run from your troubles and tribulations because they actually help build your character and your trust in God.

“Don’t let your pain cause you to miss your purpose.”

Bishop J. Phillip Betts

It was cool seeing how into the message and vocal and fired up everyone got about the Lord. Near the end of service, they brought me up to the front and they all prayed over me. It was an amazing experience and time at that church.

After saying goodbye and getting good wishes and God bless you from just about all 120 attendee’s, I was off for a shorter ride into Virginia!

Pit stop, eating some snacks Veronica got me

Right before I got into Virginia, I was chased by another 2 dogs. The count is up to 7 dogs that have gone off their property/land and chased me down the street. All 7 dogs were in North Carolina, but only one beast out of the 7.

Unfortunately, I was not given a welcome to Virginia or even a “hey this is the Virginia State line”.

Into Virginia I go!

Not far over the border I was headed to Buggs Island Brewing! They had some tasty beer and it went down real easy as I was real thirsty! This brewery looks like a home from the outside, and looks like a home from the inside! It has multiple rooms and looks as if they turned the kitchen in the middle of the house into the bar and brewing area. I was able to meet the owners and snap a picture with them in front of the brewery, but they have that photo.. Nice people, though!

Buggs Island Brewing

After beer time, I went right down little main street of Clarksville and found a pizza joint and had myself a large pepperoni, mushroom, and jalapeno pizza.

I definitely ate too much and could feel it on my 40 minute bike ride to my campground.

Campsite right on the water, with no other campers remotely close.

I had the whole place to myself, and my site was right on the water. Super pretty place to fall asleep. After doing my daily laundry, I laid in my tent and got a light show from all the lightning bugs flying around and the stars glittering the sky.


  • Day 42 – 35.85 miles
  • Day 43 – 39.77 miles


  • Falls Lake State Recreation Area
  • Jorge and Veronica’s home
  • Rudd’s Creek Campground


4 Comments on “Goodbye North Carolina, Hello Virginia!”

  1. That quote you shared “Don’t let your pain cause you to miss your purpose” really hit home today! I hardly slept last night – spent most of the night praying. I woke up this morning feeling defeated and read your post. It was like God whispering that quote in my ear! Thank you for sharing that message – it was meant for me to give me hope! 🌞 Be safe!

  2. I really like how the Cornerstone Christian Community Church treats visitors. This is a lesson for all of us to try to model.

    • I totally agree! It was such a welcoming and inclusive experience, felt like we were family!

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