Goodbye Georgia, Hello South Carolina!

Day 21 – Richmond Hill to Savannah, GA

Woke up to a beautiful morning with the sun shining right on Dani’s face as he still slept. I had to laugh, it looked more like he was sun tanning than in his makeshift tent sleeping. We both had a decent nights sleep, surprisingly for him as he slept on a thin yoga mat. Thank God it did not rain last night either!

Dani’s “tent”

We took our time packing up, eating oatmeal, and drinking our coffee. Our ride this morning was a quick sprint into downtown Savannah.

We were making good time, and were about halfway there when a tire went flat. My streak continues, though, as it was Dani’s back tire that went flat from a staple he ran over. We walked it a few yards down the road and found a shady spot to change it. Glad he brought an extra tube with him!

We made our way into downtown, stopped at a market in a large park in Savannah, got some watermelon juice and then met up with Kelly and Oliver. We showered, went out and ate a very large and delicious pizza, and Dani and I went to a pub to watch the championship soccer match between Liverpool and Tottenham.

Brewery time!

After that, it was brewery time! I went off by myself to give them some time just as a family to relax and enjoy their fancy hotel and pool. I had been to Savannah before with my wife and we had gone to two breweries, so I was out to try two others I hadn’t been to before.

My favorites

I walked almost right right down the street to Service Brewing Co and had a flight of beer. My favorite of theirs was the Armistice Juicy IPA. This brewery was poppin’ with people playing darts, ping pong, and huddled around every table, I however just sat at the bar reading up on some stuff from my phone.

My next stop was a little over a mile walk over a bridge to Southbound Brewing Co. Here was much more laid back and quiet, probably because it was a little more out of town. I met Matt, who is currently serving in the Army, and we chatted over another flight of beer. The best beer I had there was their Steal Face Raspberry Sour. A delicious fruity sour that hit the spot after a long hot walk to the brewery.

I then sprinted in my flip flops back into town to meet back up with the Nash’s for a seafood dinner, and some been and Jerry’s ice cream that went straight to my heart, and put me right to bed.

Day 22 – Savannah GA to Bluffton, SC

I had a big king size comfy bed all to myself last night and I slept like a baby. The actual 9 month old baby in the room, however, did not sleep soundly through the night.

Guys time or learning how to parent?

I spent the morning cruising around town, looking at the beautiful homes on Jones street and eating breakfast with the Nash family, before saying my good-byes and hitting the road with the sun at its peak.

It’s an awesome feeling having friends that want to drive 8 hours for a quick weekend trip to see and ride with you. I was all smiles even through the heat as I rode away from Savannah.

Today was going to be a short ride across the border into Bluffton, SC. I say “was” because it was only going to be around 20 miles, but ended up at 36 (which still wasn’t bad for an afternoon ride). I was going to Bluffton to meet up with John for some brewski’s.

Who is John you ask? He was one of the guys that I had met on day 3 back in Key Largo at Florida Keys Brewing. He lives up here and so I hit him up to grab a beer at his local breweries.

My plan was to set up camp and then meet up with him. The campsite that I was banking on, however, did not work out. The place was more of a long term living RV park and didn’t have any room for me. I sat there thinking what to do for a while, but decided it was better to think about it over a flight of beer and just go with the flow of the day.


First stop was 5 miles down the road at Salt Marsh Brewing. The bartender was terrible! She did not give me the light of day or want to talk about any beers or anything. There were only 3 people sitting at the bar, and maybe 2 other people sitting at a table, so it was not busy at all. I texted John and told him to just meet me at the next brewery.

Salt Marsh Brewing

So I downed that flight as fast as I could and rode over to Southern Barrel Brewing and arrived at the same time as John. We drank a flight and chatted and I convinced him to drive us over to Hilton Head island for another brewery and dinner.

We threw my bike in the back of his truck, drove 20 minutes onto the island and had a flight at his favorite brewery. They had some delicious beers, and was a smaller place with sociable and fun bartenders.

We then drove over to grab some seafood at Skull Creek Boathouse and it was delicious! I had some fish and chips as well as a large serving of mixed Peruvian style ceviche. I definitely went over my budget, but it was so good and worth it.

Now my rule is I can’t gain any ground without being on my bike so I had John drop me back off at Southbound Brewing, which was on his way home anyway.

Now it was time to figure out where I was going to sleep as the sun was starting to set. I went into the brewery to use the bathroom and started talking with two other guys. One young, one old. Found out the young guy is the caddy for the old guy and they have become friends and grab drinks and food together every now and then.

They bought me two beers and we talked for a good hour and we all decided on the Forest behind the brewery was going to be my spot for the night. So once the bar closed at 9, I biked across the parking lot to scope it out.

Southern Barrel Brewing and the woods behind it that became my first night of stealth camping

It was dark already, but I found a flat, open area that was still pretty hidden from sight in any direction. I popped my tent real quick and didn’t put in the stakes. Threw in my sleeping pad and left everything else right where it was on my bike. My first night stealth camping!

I was warned about alligators though, and I was pretty close to a pond. Lord keep the gators away from me!


  • Day 21 – 44 kilometers (27.34 miles)
  • Day 22 – 36.7 miles in 2 hours 55 minutes


  • Savannah South KOA Holiday
  • The Alida Hotel
  • Stealth camping in the woods


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