East Coast Bike Tour Day 83 – 86

Day 83 – South Portland to Brunswick, ME (Hancock)

Day two with my wife and we are going to take a scenic drive up the coast and stay right outside of Acadia National Park.

But first, I am going to use the morning to get some miles in on my bicycle. We planned to meet up in Brunswick, Maine.

I, of course, woke up bright and early to get first dibs on breakfast and then got my bike put together ready to take off around 8am.

As I was waiting for that start time, I was checking out miles and timing for Clarissa to get to Boston on Sunday. I had a total biker brain moment.

My mind was blown and I was so surprised that Google thought it would only take 2 hours and 15 minutes to drive 122 miles! How in the world can we get 122 miles in just over 2 hours?!

Oh right, cars can go 60+ mph… Whoops! We had a good laugh at that. It’s been a while since I’ve driven or looked up driving directions!

8am rolled around and I was off! I circled the downtown Portland area and picked up the East Coast Greenway route on the Eastern Promenade Trail that hugged the Casco Bay.

From there I darted north, taking small detours every now and then to get a good view.

We decided to meet before Brunswick at a brewery – Maine Brewing.

I was about 2 miles away when I sideswiped a big rock with my back tire. I heard a thud and cringed at the sound of it. My bike is a beast though, she’ll be fine…

A couple seconds later I’m riding on my rim. My back tire is completely flat.

Nooo! I was hoping to go the entire trip without a flat tire! I made it over 3300 miles though without a flat so I’d say that’s pretty good!

Called up my wife and told her the sad news and she drove over to make sure it was documented..

First flat tire after 3300 miles

Finally getting some weight out of my bags! I had 3 extra tubes – now down to two extra.

Once she got her leg put back on, we were back on the road heading towards the brewery.

The beer here is delicious! Their IPA Lunch has made it into my top IPA list.

My beautiful wife drinking her Lunch

They also serve pizza here but we brought our own cold leftover pizza so we had to go hide upstairs while we ate and drank.

After we drank our lunch and dinner beers, I left for another hour ride over to Brunswick.

I made Clarissa park in a shaded area in the corner of the parking lot so I didn’t look like I was cheating or quitting to anyone who may be watching as I packed my bike into her car.

We tried to stay off the busy streets and take a more scenic route as we made our way close to Acadia National Park. We stopped to get ice cream because every little shack on the side of the road is selling lobster rolls and ice cream.

I wanted a milkshake, but people in Maine are weird and call them frappes. They say a chocolate milkshake is milk and chocolate syrup. And a chocolate frappe is milk, chocolate syrup and icecream. Tell me if I’m wrong, but that’s not how the rest of the United States sells/makes them..

My “frappe” was delicious.

Still on our way north, we stopped at another brewery! (This drive was longer than we thought!)

Wait a second, that’s not beer!

You’re right, it wasn’t a brewery, it was a winery that we stopped at. My wife wouldn’t stop whining so I took her to a winery. She was all about the flights here! (It may have been my idea to come here…)

The drive so far and the little further we had left was stunning. We both decided we could definitely live in Maine… In the summer. One part of me was not enjoying it though. Seeing all the hills that I was going to have to climb up in the next few days…

Finally, before we ended our night in our expensive motel, we stopped at yet another lobster shack but this time tried fried haddock and chips and a crab cake pie.

Food was decent, but the view was where it was at!

Meal with a view…and a bunch of kids toys
Photo cred to Clarissa

After watching the sunset, we made the last trek to Hancock to our motel.

Day 84 – Rest(ish)

It’s another rest day for me to hang out with my wife and explore Acadia National Park. Not so much rest happened today though.

First, we woke up before the butt crack of dawn. We wanted to make it to The top of Cadillac Mountain to watch the sunrise.

We made it there around 5am and to our surprise so did hundreds of others!

Only a fraction of the amount of people there.

Sure it would have been nice to have the place to ourselves, but it was also cool to see that many people wake up so early to go see a sunrise and God’s creation.

Wild Blueberries

Maine is home to wild grown blueberries so of course all the restaurants advertise what they make with the blueberries.

We had to try as many blueberry things as possible. We had blueberry pancakes, syrup, muffins, pie, salad, soda, scones, coffee, sour blueberry beer, and an Amber Ale made with blueberries.

Wait, I almost forgot. As we were hiking later today we picked and ate our own wild blueberries as well!

Speaking of hiking. We did two hikes, the first being Beehive Trail.

Watch your step.
Steep, but fun climb up.
We do it for the views!

The second being Beech Mountain Trail.

Suns out bums out

On our way out of the park, we stopped at Atlantic Brewing Co. Shout out to them for having a free tastings room! We tried all 6 beers and they were okay, but not worth staying for a pint.

Instead, we went across the street and had some NE clam chowder and lobster bisque. Now I would buy a pint of those!

It’s another long evening of driving back down to Lewiston to get a little closer for Clarissa to drive and fly out of Boston tomorrow.

I found a place to stop and stretch our legs and use the bathroom about halfway. It just so happens that it was a brewery! Just kidding I definitely knew that’s where we were going, and I’m glad we stopped as their beers were great!

Lake St George Brewing had a nice little area out in the woods behind their building too that you could sit and drink at.

Lake St George Brewing Co

Made it to our hotel before dark, and had a nice last night together.

Day 85 – Brunswick to Union, ME

Today is backwards day. Beer before riding! Usually I get most of my miles in before a brewery is even open, but my wife is still here and isn’t leaving until 1.

Our plan for the day was: eat breakfast, drive to Brunswick, go to a coffee shop, watch our church back homes sermon on Facebook live, eat again, go to a brewery, then drop me back off at the parking lot I stopped at the other day.

The brewery of our choosing was Moderation Brewing. Nice bar, tasty beers, clean bathrooms, not much more I needed this morning!

I’d have to say it was a great morning and time spent with my babe. The past few days exploring with her has been amazing! As always it was hard saying bye and tough getting going again, but I could see the Canada flag waiving and I was just a few days away from that border!

Maine has got to be the bike tour hot spot! Between the time driving in the car the past couple days and my little bit of time riding here, I’ve seen probably 10 other people with their bikes loaded up.

I also met up with Dylan on the side of the road again! I met him in Richmond – a farmer biking from Key West to Canada and then over to the Wood Stock Festival. He was headed south as I was making my way out of Bath, ME.

He told me of a brewery that I should go to. They aren’t open Monday through Wednesday so I had to make it there today. Game on!

If you are looking for antiques, Maine has them! Holy moly, I have never seen so many antique shops before! They are literally lining US 1; they are everywhere.

A chicken barn, antique, and book shop?

At least a few places probably more correctly named their store front as the “antique” shops look like junk shop with more junk than they have room for. Names like “stuff” or better “old stuff” or “trash and treasures”

I didn’t dare try to take a photo of every “antique” place as I would have been constantly starting and stopping. I did take a few other photos of some signs I liked. Fun fact, Maine is one of 4 states that does not have billboards. They sure do have a lot of signage though..

Every state should have these everywhere!
Home of Bikeman

Now that last one is a good sign! It’s the brewery Dylan had told me about.

Odd Alewives Farm Brewery had some great farmhouse ales in a beautiful rural setting. I was both very thirsty when I arrived and the beer was cold, but that didn’t change the fact that they were well made! My favorite was their odd patch farmhouse ale.

After my beers and making my own food at the brewery, I was off to find a place in the woods to set up my tent for the night.

I decided to go off the East coast greenway route in Waldoboro where the brewery was since I had seen the route from driving the other day. My goal was to see a bit more inland and make a shortcut.

Throughout this entire tour, I have done just about every way of sleeping on tour. What I mean is I have stealth camped, camped at campgrounds, gotten hotels, stayed with friends, been invited in by random people, stayed with warmshower hosts, slept in a backyard with permission, slept naked at a nudist community… So just about every way you can think of. Stealth camping is nice because it’s free. To me, though, it’s kind of stressful!

It was getting late and I couldn’t find a solid spot to set up my tent. I rode for a while stopping at a few places and not feeling good about them. Finally, I found the spot! There was a library in the small town of Union that was perfect for my night sleep.

The Library

Long driveway in, no cars, fresh cut grass behind and just the woods behind that grassy area. Thank you Lord! This was the perfect spot for the night!

Day 86 – Union to Orland, ME

It was absolutely freezing last night! I didn’t put on the rain cover so I wasn’t very insulated from the 53 degree with 67% humidity weather. Up to this point I was only using a sleeping bag liner. I am glad I had another lightweight blanket in my bag that I’ve been hauling this whole time! Was worth it for just last night!

While not having the rain cover on, I had an excellent view of a star glittered sky. No lights nearby made it real visible and it felt like I could see deep into the Galaxy.

Stealth camping behind a library meant I probably needed to get up early. It was still cold out and now I’m trying to roll up my wet tent (from the humidity) and start biking before the sun really wakes up.

Luckily, there was a diner just 10 minutes away and it was open at this hour!

Walked in and it felt like I just walked into someone’s living room. A bunch of old men sitting around the room at various tables chatting it up. I sat right there with them and ordered a coffee and some breakfast and joined the conversations.

After warming up my hands, and it warming up a bit outside (to 60 degrees) I took off and had my hopes on another 50 mile day.

Along the way, I got to see a moose! Seemed like a smaller, maybe juvenile moose, but a moose none the less!

Today’s “random route” took me out in the middle of nowhere with dirt roads, and no houses or buildings in sight. It was quite peaceful minus the huffing and puffing from climbing short random hills.

The route spit me back on the coast again and it is Maine-ly antique stores and lobster shacks that sell ice cream, still. Of course there are solid views of the water and nature as well.

Lunch stop with killer views
Penobscot Narrows Bridge
View from the bridge

Today was a very hilly day, with probably the steepest section of my trip this far so I had to capture it.

Resting in the shade after the steep hill climb.

Photo makes it look like a wimpy hill… It was not, it was tough, I was dying trying to pedal my 80+ lbs bike up the hill without shoe clips!

Thanks Mom and Dad for not naming me wimpy

This sign of Ruth and Wimpys reminded me of how many people along this tour have thought my name was Brewski. No, no it’s not, but the more I hear it the more I like it as a nickname…

After a few more ups and downs, I made it to a nice campground right on a lake. Made myself two dinners, just like I had two lunches today. So hungry always!

Tonight, I am prepared for the chilly night!


  • Day 83 – 36.05 miles
  • Day 84 – Rest(ish)
  • Day 85 – 53.04 miles
  • Day 86 – 50.60 miles


  • Comfort Inn
  • White Birches Motel
  • Super 8
  • Stealth camping behind a library
  • Balsam Cove Campground


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  1. One of my favorite reads! Onward Canada! You have to see Canada in its frozen tundra states though. Even if it means you must drink Bud Light or some variation. Talk to Dave. Love Maine. Sign me up. Butt crack mountain had a lot to be desired though lol. Excited for you traveling brewski!
    Mike Schwalbe

    • Haha thanks Mike! Yes I do need to see Canada more than this trip will allow. One day I’ll be back!

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