East Coast Bike Tour Day 8 & 9

Day 8 – Vero to Cocoa Beach, FL

Woke up with energy, ready to go after a night of games and stories with the Vero crew (that I just met). Biked 15 miles that morning to make it to Allie and Paul’s church in Sebastian FL and enjoyed the service which was about focusing on having a relationship with God, not just going through the religious activities.

After church I got back on US 1 and not even a mile down the road I turn my head to the right and saw I was cruising past Mash Monkey Brewing. I put my bike in reverse and stopped in for a mini flight of three 5oz pours.

While there, noticed a buddy of mine, Cole, was in Melbourne Beach visiting family. So after another 30 or so miles caught up and had dinner with him.

Finally, I was off to Cocoa Beach for my nights stay. This was an interesting one. Thanks to my friend from Church, Doug, his buddies parents are selling a house in Cocoa Beach and said I could sleep on the covered patio in the backyard.

Sleeping on the back porch of an empty for sale house in Cocoa Beach

They also have a condo down the road and said I could use the pool there if I wanted. Well after getting to the house and feeling all sweaty and nasty, that pool sounded amazing. So I biked the mile over and found the gate that read, “private property, no trespassing”. I was given permission so I’m allowed right? I hopped in the pool, rinsed off in the outside shower there and headed back to the house to eat and sleep.

Day 9 – Cocoa Beach to Oak Hill, FL

Today I felt like a boxer. I had to dip and dodge so many love bugs. All day I was flicking them off my shirt, legs, arms, handlebars, just everywhere. Bobbing my head back and forth as they came after my face and picking them out of my ear. Haven’t had a problem with them until now, and what a nuisance they are!

Photo credit to the lizard hanging out on the path.

I rode from Cocoa Beach to a smaller town called Oak Hill which is north of Titusville. I would not recommend this city at all. Nothing going on there, but I am there because I got a free night stay with a friend from college. Casey and her boyfriend are currently staying there with his parents while they are closing on a house a little more north.

He treated us to some pork chops, green beans, baked potato, eggs and beer. It was delicious and much better than the tuna and tortillas I’ve been gulping down!

Despite the terrible town, they had quite a lovely home right on there on the water. Once the sun went down, we took the golf cart over to a pier and I learned how to fly fish. I was able to hook 4 fish – 2 trout, and one catfish.

My first trout caught fly fishing

Two of the trout that we caught as a group we weren’t able to get them back in the water alive so we took them home and fried them up.

Slept like a baby and ready for the next couple days on my way to Jacksonville for my first break of the big trip.


  • Day 8 – 55.4 miles in 4 hours 40 minutes
  • Day 9 – 55.85 in 5 hours 2 minutes


  • Sisters friends house
  • Buddies friends parents porch
  • Friends parents house


4 Comments on “East Coast Bike Tour Day 8 & 9”

  1. This is fascinating to read everyday! How’s the gear holding up after 8 days of sweat and heat? How are you holding up?

    • The gear and myself are holding up great! I do laundry by hand every night so hopefully I don’t constantly smell haha I’ve got two more riding days before a weekend break, but I’m feeling good!

    • Thanks Sharri! It is definitely a great adventure and tough at the same time

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