East Coast Bike Tour Day 72 – 74

Day 72 – North Dartmouth to Sandwich, MA

Since I was staying in the hotel, I woke up early so I could double up on breakfast. Stuffed my face the first round at 7am and then got seconds around 9:30. I’m all about that free food life! Taking advantage of it while I can!

First one up for breaky

It was calling for rain later on today so I knew it was going to be a shorter day, and I had some time to play with as I needed to be to Boston by Wednesday. Also wanted to let my bum rest! And by rest I mean only riding 38 miles.

First part of my day was riding through tthe city of New Bedford, nicknamed The Whaling City and the smell around town matched the name! A little fishy! The small but lively city had brick lain streets and lots of seafood restaurants. Which makes sense looking at the harbor filled with big fishing boats.

Unfortunately, I did not stop and try any of the seafood.

Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge

My plan the past couple days was to go through Cape Cod and then take a ferry from Provincetown to Boston. The East Coast Greenway had two options taking you to Boston as you can see below, so I was planning the Cape Cod route. I would have had to go north from Providence, RI to take the other route.

Farther down the route, my bum was feeling good, the weather was cooling down and I got to enjoy a nice bike path along the Cape Cod Canal. It was here where I hit my 3k mile mark!

At the start of this trip, I assumed and projected that I would ride about 3,000 miles and go to 100 breweries. Well, I am not even to Boston yet, and am now over 3k miles and have been to 99 breweries thus far!

This Canal path led me across the Sagamore Bridge and into Sandwich MA where I found a State Forest with reasonable camping prices compared to other campsites in Cape Cod.

As soon as I touched down on my site, it began sprinkling so I rushed to put up my tent and threw everything inside. Just as I was putting the last of my stuff inside, it started dumping!

I left the tent with my pannier full of my clothes and ran into the covered proper bathroom about 50 yards away (not the ones in the trees). Used the time to take a shower in a pretty disgusting looking shower and freshen up.

The rain didn’t stay long and I was able to get out and make some food and get organized.

As I was eating, I was searching on my phone where I wanted to go tomorrow, as well as the ferry times and costs over to Boston. I figured out that the ferry was going to put me back $70! So at that sight, and knowing it was going to be expensive even camping farther up the Cape, I decided tomorrow I would turn around.

A crazy night in the tent

Luckily, I decided to put the stakes in the ground, mainly for the rain cover as I knew it was going to rain more tonight.

A look inside my crowded tent. Not much room when I need to bring everything inside!

Boy did it rain more! In fact, there was an intense thunderstorm with a crazy amount of lightning and some real loud booms I could feel. I didn’t even need to get out my flashlight as the lightning was constant and bright. I was pretty wide awake at this point around 11pm making sure the water was staying out and everything was staying dry.

It rained so hard for a couple hours that not only was water starting to seep in through the roof and up through the ground, but it felt like I now had a water bed! I could slap the ground inside my tent and it would cause a ripple. I would say there was a couple inches of water beneath me now.

Water was dripping from overhead, the bottom of my tent was now wet, and it didn’t sound like the rain was going to let up, let alone the huge gusts of wind that accompanied all of it. This is when I was super glad I put in all those stakes!

Not going to lie, I was pretty nervous as this thunderstorm went on. I am definitely used to thunderstorms from both living in Colorado and Florida, but sitting out in a small tent with all my stuff and nowhere to go if it doesn’t hold up was a bit frightening.

On top of that, my phone was screaming telling me there was severe thunderstorms, flash floods warnings, and tornado warnings!

Day 73 – Sandwich to Middleborough, MA

Whew! Made it through the night without getting swept away, and without getting too wet. Thankfully my sleeping pad provided a barrier between me and my now wet bottom of the tent.

The weather was calling for rain all day with the lightest rain supposedly around 6-7am. So I got up early, but it was still raining out. I didn’t really think I had a choice to try and wait it out, so I packed as much as I could while in the tent. Once I opened her up, I rushed to tear down the tent and put together my bike.

As I rolled up my soaking wet tent, I had to pry a bunch of slugs off of it. It’s not too fun trying to roll up a dirty, wet tent and shove it all into a small black bag, and knowing there will be a time soon you will have to open that back up.

Let’s just say I got soaked before I even put my bum on my saddle.

I rode away from the State Forest in the pouring rain, out of the Cap Cod area, over the Sagamore Bridge and into a Dunkin donuts. Got myself a coffee and a bagel sandwich and sat inside there dripping wet and starting to shiver.

Decided tonight would be a good night to get a hotel room! Got out my mobile device, searched around and found a great deal on a hotel in Middleborough, MA. It was going to cost me $50 with complimentary breakfast! Sold! Now the only issue was riding the additional 30 miles to get there..

There was a small Gap in the rain and I took advantage of it. I could have followed my path yesterday and it would have been a shorter ride for me, but I am stubborn and wanted to at least maybe see some place I haven’t before. So my route took me up the coast to Plymouth and then West to Middleborough.

While I got a good hour of no rain, just having to ride through the side of roads where all the water accumulates, the clouds rolled in again and the rain came quickly and without notice.

Finally made it to Plymouth and first place I saw that I could stop into was another Dunkin donuts. Looks like they will be taking all my money today!

There was a good amount of people there and I got some “he’s crazy” looks as I burst through the doors into a cold, but dry dining area. Immediately went into the single bathroom and squatted beneath the hand dryer for as long as I could before it being weird.

Ended up getting a coffee, a donut, and two breakfast sandwiches in the couple of hours I spent here as the rain poured down outside.

I had to change clothes and put on my long sleeve shirt as I was freezing! First time this trip I’ve actually been cold.

The rain let up around 2 and I threw back on my wet clothes and biked the rest of the hour and 20 minutes to the hotel. There were spurts of light rain along the way, but nothing like earlier. Thank God!

After I checked into my room, I turned on the TV and it was the news. They were talking about the weather that I just experienced.

Those totals don’t even account for the rain before midnight which it started dumping around 10 where I was.

I was definitely being watched over today! Around noon there were two tornadoes that touched down and caused a lot of damage in Cape Cod, exactly where I was planning on riding – near Yarmouth.

The whole roof blew off

I would have tried to ride right into the worst of the storm today had I not looked up the prices of the ferry and decided to go a different route!

It is very rare (as you can see from the picture below) for a tornado to touch down in the Cape, and here I was about to ride my bike right into it.

Learned also that last night just 10 miles down the road, there was a bunch of damage and flooding from the wind and rain. The same storm that I was sitting in my tiny little tent in! So glad I stopped at that State Forest and didn’t ride another 10 miles to a different campsite.

☝🏼 I was camping in the red area

I felt so thankful after seeing all of this, and to be sitting in a hotel room.

It was time to try and dry everything out so I took apart my bike and laid everything out.

Climbed into that comfy bed and slept much better than the night before.

Day 74 – Middleborough to Boston, MA

The storm has left, and today I get to enjoy some absolutely beautiful weather! Like if I could choose a day this trip where the weather was almost perfect it would be today.

I pulled the “get breakfast twice” move again. Once at 6:30 and the second at 9. After I loaded all my [mostly] dry stuff onto my bike again I hit the rode.

It started out at like 68 degrees and felt so nice out throughout the day.

At this point I also have gotten rid of my saddle sore, so I am back to being a well oiled biking machine! My bike needed some lubrication and adjustments after all the rain and grime that stuck to it yesterday, but after that, my bike and I felt great!

Wild Turkeys. you look close to the tree behind her, you will see two of her babies

Today, I was looking forward to visiting brewery number 100! My route was set to a brewery that a few people have said I need to visit – Trillium Brewing Co. They have two locations, but I visited the one in Canton, MA.

I’m not sure what I was picturing visiting my 100th brewery. Like confetti everywhere, tons of people cheering, keg stands, pouring a beer over my head, swimming in the beer tanks, high giving everyone, some chocolate cake, you know something like that.

It was nothing like that. Actually, did not feel too special at all. I told the bartender (which they only had a walk up and order bar, no seating at the bar) and he said , “wow, that’s awesome! Well what beer would you like?” “Cool that’ll be $8”

And so I walked to a table and sat in the corner by myself. The place was not busy at all.

I learned that this place is my cousin Marshalls favorite brewery and he told me to get their pale ale. Wouldn’t have gotten that if he hadn’t recommended it, but it was actually really tasty!

A girl on Instagram had seen me riding today and commented on my picture about visiting this brewery and another one nearby called Castle Island Brewing Co. She tagged Castle Island in the comment, and they responded almost instantly inviting me over.

I was like, “alright this is where I’ll have my party at!” They are active on Instagram, started following me, invited me over, this is gonna be great!

Let them know I was on my way, rode the 40 minutes over there… and… crickets.

Got the same response from this bartender as the last one, and whoever does their social media either was not present there or didn’t care to come out from behind the internet.

Sure the beer was good and all, but I was striking out on good vibes, and good conversations. All breweries should have good beer if they are still an active business, but what sets the good breweries apart are those places that give you a good experience being there. I was not getting any of that.

In fact the next two places were the exact same. Went to Samuel Adams Brewing Co to see the big name brewery and then to Backlash Brewing Co.

At Backlash, I was literally the only person there. Not even a bartender could be found for a good 5-10 minutes. I almost went behind the bar and started serving myself. I would have tipped myself great!

So after my uneventful visits to the four breweries, I grabbed some dinner and rode over to East Boston to a Warmshower hosts apartment. I, however, was not going to be sleeping there. Instead, I was dropping my bike off.

My Papa passed about 2 weeks ago and I was going to fly out to Colorado for the funeral. No one knew I was coming except my parents so I got to surprise my Nana and the rest of my extended family, and celebrate the life of an amazing man, papa, father, husband, and friend.

My flight didn’t leave until 5:45am the next day, but the warmshowers host didn’t have room for me to sleep there. I was not about to buy a hotel room for a few hours so I decided I would sleep at the airport for free. So I took my time and walked the hour to the airport passing up all the free airport parking shuttles.

On my way I stopped into a hotel to use their restroom and grab some water and as I left I saw this sign and had to laugh.

They did have a nice inside poo place. Thanks Courtyard Marriott!

Found a small dark nook at the airport and tried my best to get a few hours of sleep there until it was time to board in about 6 hours.

The timing of this worked perfectly as I am meeting my wife in Portland Maine on Wednesday the 31st, so I was ahead of schedule anyways. Glad I was able to make it out to the funeral, and see all my family!


  • Day 72 – 38.31 miles
  • Day 73 – 35.46 miles
  • Day 74 – 61.96 miles


  • Residence Inn by Marriott
  • Shawme-Crowell State Forest
  • Comfort Inn
  • Boston International Airport


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  1. Amazing that you just avoided such terrible storms, I’m so glad! Wish I could have been at a Boston brewery to give you that proper confetti and high-five celebration, but congrats on 100+ breweries and 3,000 miles!!

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