East Coast Bike Tour Day 7

Day 7 – Jupiter to Vero Beach, FL

Last night was probably the worst I’ve slept yet. My thin sleeping pad and the rocky campsite are to blame. I cannot sleep on my back in one position all night. Once that becomes a thing, I’ve died. I like to sleep on my side or stomach and this pad, while lightweight and packs on my bike great, was not my best purchase. It’s called the Therm-a-rest lite Sol Sleeping Pad. I can only recommend it if you sleep on your back.

A look inside my spacious tent

Got up out of the tent early, ate, pooped, and packed and set off on a sprint to Vero. It was a race against the clock as I was trying to make it to Rio Coco Cafe in downtown Vero before they close at 2pm.

Every time I get to my campsite, one of the first things I do after setting up is take a shower and wash today’s outfit in either the shower or bathroom sink. Then I create a clothes line with my bungee cords, and hang them up to dry.

Last night, however, it didn’t rain, but everything was just as wet as when I had washed them. So today I had my undies and socks tied to my front rack, and the rest hanging off the back to let dry while I zoomed off to Vero.

Riding out of Jonathan Dickinson State Park with my laundry hanging off the back

Rio Coco is a super cool coffee shop and cafe because they import, roast and sell coffee beans and coffee drinks, but the profit goes to project Ezra which is to sponsor kids in a primary school that they helped start in Nicaragua in 1986 that began as part of a missions trip.

My sister, Ali, and brother-in-law, David, have worked at this shop a couple times as well as their cafe in Honduras (which I visited a couple years back as well). Ali gave me a gift card to the cafe last night and said, “go crazy, it’s got $100 on it!”.

At the Rio Cafe in downtown Vero

Needless to say I made it and ordered almost $50 worth of goodies.

Tonight, I am staying with a couple, Allie and Paul, who are friends with Ali and David. So a free stay and a bed tonight! Also, they said they are inviting people over for game night so it should be a good stay!


  • 55.59 miles
  • 5 hours 20 mintues


  • Jonathan Dickinson State Park
  • Free friend’s house!


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  1. I’m sorry about your sleep but you’ve made me feel better about my super-extravagant air mattress purchase. It completely fills up my tent – the same as yours although a different brand – but I can get my side-sleep. Nemo Nomad 30XL Sleeping Pad, for your future perusal.

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