East Coast Bike Tour Day 5 & 6

Day 5 – Miami Beach to Boca Raton, FL

This was the first night that I slept like a baby. It probably had to do with the fact that, while all my other hostel dorm mates were out partying, I froze our room. I could hear some of them playing with the AC unit once they came back hours later, but it was too late. It was cold in that room and I loved it.

Filled up on a free breakfast at the hostel and left just after 9am. I rode along the beach path where I got all sorts of funny looks from beach goers, runners, and other cyclists.

I got caught twice on this path. First, the path ended and construction started and I found myself dragging my bike through the sand for about 300 yards. Doesn’t sound that terrible but my bike weighed a whole lot more when it doesn’t roll correctly.

After I got through the sand, I hit a wall of rain. This was only 7 miles into my day. At this point there were only private, locked pathways on my left and the beach on my right. I raced forward while getting slapped in the face by large rain drops for the next place to take cover. Didn’t feel like getting anymore soaked than I was so I just hung out there for about 45 minutes and waited until it mostly cleared.

The rest of the day just felt really long. I went off the trail in search for a brewery and found 3 Sons Brewing. I thought that was funny because I love 3 daughters brewing in St Petersburg. They did not disappoint either. Some very tasty sours and IPAs were gulped down. At this brewery, I met a couple that had been to over 450 breweries. They are retired and just travel the states and go to breweries! My dream!

Invasive Species Brewing Co

The bartender recommended me to visit Invasive Species Brewing about 6 miles up the road. Once I got there, I put my phone on the charger and lost track of time. Once I checked it, I realized that I had just under 1.5 hours to bike 13 miles before the check in to my campsite closed.

My tent for the night

I booked it! I made it just in time, but exhausted and annoyed. Going back to how the day was long, it was both drawn out with multiple stops, but also riding right after the rain was not ideal. I had no bike path, shoulder or bike lane, so I had to choose either sharing the road with cars or constantly bumping up and down on the sidewalk.

That makes for a long and tiresome ride no matter which one you choose.

Day 6 – Boca Raton to Jupiter, FL

Set off on a beautiful day to Jonathan Dickinson State Park just north of Jupiter, FL. I hugged the coast as far north as I could and just sat back and admired the huge beautiful homes and yachts. I saw whole teams of lawn care workers for these fancy yards and realized that service for these houses is probably as much as I pay rent for my apartment or even more! Most of my ride was spent counting Bentley’s and finding my future style of a home.

Today I learned that what’s better than cold water or cold beer after a long hot bike ride is a giant chocolate milkshake. I sat so content in that Chick-fil-A for a good 20 minutes after I had finished.

Biked on another 10 miles and found myself thirsty again, but this time for beer! I ended up at Tequesta Brewing and while it was good, that milkshake was so much better.

At Jonathan Dickinson State Park, I entered and talked to the ranger about my campsite. She handed me a map and said something like point 4 miles down the road. So I head down the road, turn left and don’t see my site number. I pull out the map and realized I needed to take a right instead. After turning around, I was on the right road but just kept going and going. I realize now that the ranger had said 4 whole miles not a fraction of a mile. All I wanted so to get off the bike and take a shower!

Set up camp and a lovely couple next to me made me dinner which was delicious and better than anything I’ve made myself this trip. While cooking my own food, he brought over the plate of food for me, so I ate my terrible noodles after and now I feel fat and happy and ready for bed after the two dinners.

Meal from fellow campers!

Off to Vero Beach tomorrow!


  • Day 5 – 43.86 miles in 4 hours 14 minutes
  • Day 6 – 60.09 miles in 5 hours 51 minutes


  • Rock Hostel
  • Quiet waters park
  • Jonathan Dickinson State Park


10 Comments on “East Coast Bike Tour Day 5 & 6”

  1. I’m looking forward to the top 5 IPAs consumed on your trip!

    Keep posting, stay focused and above all stay safe…!!!

    • Ah I love it! I am keeping track and will have that list when I’m finished 🙂

  2. I spent time on a research vessel based out of Vero Beach.
    Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute is a very cool place to visit if you have the time.
    It’s a nonprofit started be the Johnson & Johnson brothers.
    The vessel I was on was sold to the Brazilian Navy several years ago.

    For what it’s worth.

    Safe pedaling.

    • Oh very cool! I will have to look up where that is in relation to me as I am staying with a nice couple tonight in Vero. Thanks!

  3. I love that little tent! And I’m really enjoying reading about your journey. Thanks for including the names of all the places you’re staying. I assume you studied the route and made reservations at these places before you started off? Also, do you have a daily budget you are trying to stick to?

    • Thanks Candi! I researched up until Jacksonville FL to get and had an idea of how many miles and about where I was going to stay. I tend to not book places to much in advance because things can change. Like the next two nights I found free places to stay! I more have a budget per week that I want to hit as I know some days will be more than others. I will be doing a post soon on budget and packing too 🙂

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