East Coast Bike Tour Day 48 – 50

Day 48 – Chesapeake to Norfolk, VA

I’m meeting my wife in Norfolk late tonight! Or at least I was supposed to..

My ride today was into Norfolk to the Ramada Hotel that we booked for our time together. This was only 15 miles away, but when you’re the Travelingbrewski, you don’t always take the shortest route!

I made my route with a couple brewery stops along the way. This more than doubled the mileage for the day to over 35, but hey I couldn’t check in until 3 anyways. Shout out to a friend, Ed from back home for sending some money so I could eat and drink good today!


By the way, if you want to buy me a beer or sandwich or campsite for a night I won’t stop you! I have had a few people ask how they can send me money so here is my little pitch. I am on the Venmo app @Austin-McHodgkins. All donations or hook-ups along the route are appreciated!

Back to my route..

First stop along my new route, was coffee. I have become a coffee lover and maybe even a coffee snob during this trip. A little over a year ago, I didn’t even like coffee. Now I enjoy it and is a good kickstart to my day. Still can’t do black though, and if I get the chance, vanilla creamer is going in there!

I also used this time to stop by a bike shop and pick up a new tire. My back tire has done some hard work holding all the weight and pushing us forward. I retired it and got a new one as the tread was all gone.

Beer Time!

Most breweries are not open at 9 in the morning for some odd reason. This makes it difficult for me to visit a lot of them along my ride. I tend to do most of my riding in the morning, so I pass a lot of breweries that just aren’t open until the afternoon. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time (or funds or patience) to wait around for them to open.

Today, however, I’ve got all day to wait for them to open! Luckily, my first brewery stop – Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Co – opens at 11 on Fridays.

This was a super cool layout with tons of outside seating and room to hangout and play games. Their property is 8.6 acres and they even have a 2 acre organic farm where its ingredients are used to brew their beers!

The building is an old 1912 farmhouse turned into a brewery. There are many rooms on both floors and you could tell there was a lot of history in that place!

One of the rooms in Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewery

Next stop was over to Reaver Beach Brewing Co. This was a small taproom, but I have come to enjoy these breweries even more because it is much easier to meet people and have good conversations. Which is exactly what happened there. Nice bartender, and nice fellow drinkers. Beer was real good as well.

Reaver Beach Brewing Co

Typically, when you say you want a flight, the bartender will hand you a paper and ask you to write down which ones you want. I have gotten into the habit of trying to get the bartender to pick all the beers for me. They should know which ones are their best/popular ones. I want to try what they like and what they are known for.

Bartender at Reaver Beach did a great job at recommending the 4 she poured!

My eyes and legs were set on a third brewery, but for some reason my stomach was not liking something I ate or drank today so I decided to bee line it to the hotel.

I checked into our “lovely” hotel, had to switch rooms a couple times, but finally landed inside and watched more TV than I’d like to admit.

Day 49 – Norfolk

So my wife was supposed to land in Norfolk around 1am, but instead is sleeping in the Miami airport.

Wife’s sleeping spot in the airport

Her flight from Tampa to Miami was delayed due to weather which caused her to miss her second leg to Norfolk. This was a long and stressful ordeal for her, but she finally found a flight she could get to Norfolk the quickest.

She flew to Richmond and then had to rent a car and drive the roughly 2 hours to Norfolk. All in all we lost about 20 hours together, but she made it and the car turned out to be a blessing getting around!

However, she didn’t get in today until after 8pm. So what does that mean for the Travelingbrewski?

You guessed it! Time to bike downtown and check out the breweries while I wait for her arrival!

It felt like a long day anticipating her to come in and biking around brewery to brewery in the heat.

I was able to check out 4 different breweries in about 5 hours with food in-between of course.

Bearded bird brewing, O’Connor’s brewery, Rip Rap Brewing, and Maker’s Craft Brewery.

Tons of murals at Bearded Bird Brewing

I can’t say anything bad about any of the beers at these places. All their locations were in easily accessible areas and set up unique to the brewery. Rip Rap definitely had the best bartender and people present! If I had to choose a favorite out of the 4, I would probably go back to Rip Rap if I was solo, or to O’Connor’s if I was with a group.


Eventually made my way home, fell asleep and missed a couple calls from my wife trying to get into our room. Oops!

She made it! I took her out and wined and dined her and then we spent the rest of the night in the hotel room. We are married.

Day 50 – Rest day

Great day to let my leg muscles heal from the constant cycling!

We were able to go to the Cape Henry Lighthouse which was originally built in 1881. Climbed to the top, saw the views, and learned some history about it.

Clarissa and I at Cape Henry Lighthouse

Since we were over on the coast, I convinced Clarissa to go to a brewery. It wasn’t very hard to convince her since she loves beer too. Home Republic Brewing Co was where we ate and drank in Virginia Beach and I can’t say I was crazy about them. Food or beer.

Home Republic Brewing

I am not much of a museum goer, but when your wife wants to visit an art museum agree and say you want to as well. It was the Chyrsler art museum. There were some cool parts to it though. The glass art section and the Eric Carle portion.

Coolest glass art at the museum
Slow down! Like taking 90 days to ride a bike 4000 miles up the East Coast.
Clarissa’s love for sloths

We had a wonderful, fancy dinner of leftovers and Panera bread and visited Coelacanth Brewing before we ended our night back at the hotel.


  • Day 48 – 35.10 miles
  • Day 49 – 13.14 miles riding around town
  • Day 50 – Rest


  • Chesapeake Campground
  • Ramada Limited Hotel
  • Ramada Limited Hotel


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