East Coast Bike Tour Day 46 & 47

Day 46 – Emporia to Ivor, VA

Last night’s sleep was the best I’ve had in the tent so far! If it wasn’t for the sun coming up and making me sweat, I wouldn’t have gotten up.

Made myself some prepackaged protein oatmeal and a large cup of maté brio tea before I set off for my daily adventure.

Today’s adventure included Google maps trying so hard to get me to take the overgrown, backwoods Tobacco Trail. Again, my legs and bike are not set up for it. So I had to constantly zoom in and search for back roads to get me going the same direction.

I felt so far out in the middle of nowhere for three reasons.

  1. For a good portion of the ride, the roads weren’t even paved.
  2. There weren’t any churches!
  3. Google maps that I was in the middle of nowhere.
Blackwood’s Virginia

Now I thought I was in the middle of nowhere when I was traveling in parts of North Carolina, but there were still churches every 5 miles or so. Back here in Virginia, there was none of that. No where to get food or water either. I knew that though coming into the day so I filled my camel back full of water and good thing I did cause it was a toasty one outside!

Found this little sign in the middle of my ride, again in no man’s land and thought it was the perfect spot to have a break.

‘Pee Wee Stand’

After I was tired of riding and tired of the heat, I arrived at my campsite for the night.

Campsite or village?

Well… This wasn’t your regular campsite. This was also a family nudist community. I checked in and had to fill out more paperwork than normal campsites. Got the rules of the area and was shown my campsite.

Not even an hour in and I got in trouble. I had snuck 20 feet across from my tent site and plugged my phone into an RV camping site that was unoccupied. While it was charging, I to go do my laundry and came back to my phone missing.

I panicked and ran to the office. Sure enough, someone ratted on me. So I now had to shut my phone off for the rest of the night as I didn’t have much battery, and I would need it tomorrow for navigation. Phones and cameras are prohibited most of the area anyways.

People are walking their dogs naked, riding bikes naked, playing volleyball naked, having regular conversations in the nude and of course the main attraction: the pool.

Pool rules: you have to be naked to even come in the pool area. Oh, but it’s so hot outside!

I’ll let you use your imagination for the rest of my time there, but I did meet some real nice people! There were a lot of people living there, but I would say about 70% were either old men or old couples. The other 30% was split between some young people about my age (27 years) and maybe mid 30’s to mid 40’s. I did see a hand full of kids too which seemed weird, but not to them I guess?

Met a nice couple that gave me some fresh watermelon slices and another couple that gave me some pizza! I’m all about that free food! That’s my love language, especially on this trip.

There were a lot of rabbits in the confines of the village. Rabbits, not bunnies.

Day 47 – Ivor to Chesapeake, VA

Woke up bright and early to get out before my quads and buns started glowing in the sunlight!

I am on my way to Chesapeake. A little over halfway I can quit using Google maps and jump back on the East Coast Greenway, but in reverse direction.

From Wilmington, NC, there were two different routes you could take. One zig zags and follows the coast up through NC and into Norfolk, VA and then up to Richmond. The other takes Wilmington up to Raleigh, through Durham and almost straight up to Richmond.

I took the extra long route which was half the coastal route to Greenville NC, then crossed 100+ miles to Raleigh, then up to VA and back 100+ miles to where I am now which is just south of Norfolk.

I had the extra time to do that since I was meeting Clarissa in Norfolk on day 48.

There are some days that you barely feel physically and/or mentally strong enough to get in 30 miles. Then there are days where you can crush 60 miles and it feels like a casual bike ride to the local brewery.

Today was the latter for me. Now, I only did 50 miles (and unfortunately didn’t ride to a brewery), but it went by real quick and I felt great! I was able to stop finally for some coffee and Chick-fil-A since I had entered civilization again. This split my day directly in half. Most of the time after stopping, it’s hard to get going again, but not today!

I think finally seeing a city with options for food, water, and snacks made the day fly by. I hadn’t gotten any of that the past few days.

Horses are my mom’s favorite

Arrived at Chesapeake Campground and they have all sorts of activities! Pool, playground, game room, horse shoes, horse riding, petting farm, bike and golf cart rentals, a driving range. So many activities! You can keep your clothes on here also. Although with this heat…

Clothed at Chesapeake Campground

Now I said I felt great riding today, but after I checked on breweries in the area, the closest one was 10 miles away. I don’t feel that great to bike another 20 miles. Definitely could, but it’s not going to happen. I’ll save them for tomorrow.


  • Day 46 – 46.43 miles
  • Day 47 – 49.87 miles


  • Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park
  • White Tail Resort
  • Chesapeake Campground


  • None

Animals I saw:

  • Dogs
  • Cat
  • Rabbits
  • Wild turkey
  • Deer and baby
  • Chickens
  • Squirrels
  • Frogs
  • Horses
  • Goats
  • Cows
  • Donkeys
  • Many big bugs to the face

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