East Coast Bike Tour Day 40 & 41

Day 40 – Northeast Raleigh to Southwest Raleigh, NC

Today was a day exploring Raleigh, and lots of their breweries!

Woke up from my comfortable bed, and was welcomed by the kids wanting to play more games before I left. I had to take turns with them and the mom gave time limits so I wasn’t being hogged by only one kid.

They were awesome kids and I could have stayed longer and hung out, but they needed to get to their Vacation Bible School. I was even made a bracelet by the daughter, which I will probably wear the rest of my trip!

Bracelet that was made for me

I had to literally just start riding away to get the kids to stop playing so they would get in their mini van. It was cute, and I’m thankful for the opportunity I got to stay with them!

I made my way over to a coffee shop to soak up some time and get some stuff done. I had gotten a message on Instagram from a guy that saw that I was with one of his friends on the coast of NC a couple days earlier. He said I was welcome to stay with him and his girlfriend and that he would love to go out to some breweries with me. His Instagram name is bourbonandlead. He’s probably a good guy, right?

You’re welcome

He got off work at 3, so while I was waiting I got the coffee, some lunch and went to two breweries: Brewery Bhavana and Tobacco Road Brewing Co.

Brewery Bhavana had some delicious Pork Bao and great beers, but was quite pricey as it was right downtown. I am going to have to look for that kind of food back home!

Brewery Bhavana

I also had to fix my first issue with my bicycle today. There was an annoying clicking noise felt and heard near my right foot every time I pedaled. Luckily, the fix easy. A new pair of pedals was all she needed!

Breweries with a local

Once Jesse got off work we met at Crank Arm Brewing and had some beer while we kind of got to know each other. Then we proceeded to ride around town in the pouring rain.

Riding on one of the many bike paths in Raleigh

We made it to Lynnwood Brewing and Trophy Brewing as well as Raleigh beer garden. Raleigh beer garden isn’t a brewery but it won a Guinness world record for most number of beers on tap so I had to check it out! In between these we went to a restaurant owned by the famous chef Ashley Christensen and had some great southern food.

Rainbow after the storms

The only brewery today that I was not impressed with was Trophy Brewing. For some reason I just did not enjoy their beers. Their flight was a fixed 8 pours of their flagship beers. Call me crazy, but I only finished 4 of them because they other 4 were not good at all.

Trophy Brewing – unfortunately they didn’t make the podium in my book. I will give them a participation metal, though.

Got back to Jesse’s place and spent the night with a couple girls. An older golden lab and a young, hyper black lab.

My sleep mates

Day 41 – Southwest Raleigh to Durham, NC

After another great night’s sleep in a bed, I was off – not so bright, but very early to Durham.

Today, I am excited as I get to meet some of the faces behind the East Coast Greenway which is the route from Key West to Canada that I am following.

My ride was beautiful as it was mainly on bike paths and in particular the American Tobacco Trail (ATT).

Part of the American Tobacco Trail

Strategically placed, the East Coast Greenway Alliance corporate office was located right on the ATT. I walked up to their office and got to meet a few of them as well as go out and have a beer with John and Sarah.

It was super cool getting to hear their new projects like their map with all the breweries along the route as well as ice cream shops along the route. I am hoping I can help out one way or another on the brewery route! I’m sure I’ve been to quite a few of them already!

“Beer: the beverage of celebration, backyard gatherings, good food, and good people.”

Fullsteam Brewery

After my time with them, I biked to downtown Durham and found 3 breweries: Bull City Burger and Brewery, Ponysaurus, and Full Steam Brewing Co. I enjoyed the beers at each, but didn’t meet any cool bartenders or people. The venue at Ponysarus was awesome with a big open two story patio and yard.

I asked one of the bussers at Fullsteam if they had any stickers I could have. She went and checked and said they didn’t have any, but she snuck me a cookie and a tiny Full Steam glass! Fullsteam is a neat brewery because they get most of their ingredients from local farmers. A lot of time, they ask what local farmers have left over and will then make beer with whatever they have. They are committed to the Post-tobacco South, celebrating the farm and food traditions of the American South. Only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the fact they don’t do flights of beer.

Ponysaurus Brewing
Fullsteam brewery

After beer time, I had an hour and a half ride to a campsite at Falls Lake State Recreation Area.

I was having a mental breakdown on that hour and a half. Not sure why or how it came about but I think I was just tired and didn’t have the best food fuel for the day.

I got to the campsite, though, and was greeted by a great park ranger. This definitely lightened my spirit and was able to set up my tent and meet some other fellow campers. I was given a little goody bag from a dad and daughter who were out there practicing their hiking because she is going on a 16 day backpacking trip around Iceland! The goody bag had beef jerky, Fritos, chocolate, and honey sticks (which are my favorite now).

Ended the evening noticing my solid tan lines, but also that the hair on my legs around my knees are turning blonde. Ha! Hard to tell from the picture above, but that’s my fun fact from long days in the sun.


  • Day 40 – 24.88 miles
  • Day 41 – 48.93 miles


  • Cullum family house (friends, friend)
  • Jesse and Rachel’s house (new Instagram friend)
  • Falls Lake State Recreation Area


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  1. Love reading about your adventures! I am praying for your safety and for you to be encouraged through everyone you meet along the way!

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