East Coast Bike Tour Day 36 & 37

Day 36 – Oriental to New Bern, NC

Many phone issues while charging causing me to have to restart my riding route tracker..

Woke up pretty early to get out of the beer garden before people could spot me and also I had to use the bathroom.

The New Village Brewery beer garden, aka my campsite for the night

I packed everything up and was on my way to The Bean. This was the place I was told to go to talk to the locals as well as to meet up with the creator of towndock.net for an interview of my travels.

I found a public restroom a couple blocks over and was able to get some laundry done before heading over for my much needed coffee and muffin.

Met up with Keith and Allison and had an informal interview and photo op with them. Sucked down my coffee, muffin and powerbar and raced out to get to church on time.

The church I had searched for and found the night before was called Broad Creek Christian Church. People were friendly there and the message was good. Pastor talked about discrimination and how we need to have the eyes of Jesus and see everyone as made in the image of God and treat them as so.

Broad Creek Christian Church

I felt like that was a good message for me as I make this journey, meeting all sorts of people from all different walks of life. It is much easier said than done, but I am thoroughly enjoying meeting and talking with everyone I come in contact with.

After church burger and beer

Made my way into New Burn and found Beer Army Burger Co. They make a few if their own beers, but the best thing they had was their burgers! I splurged and got a big ol burger with avocado, salsa, jalapeno, pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato.. oh it was good!

After there I biked over a bridge or two to Brütopia.

On Instagram @travelingbrewski as well!

I felt like I was a depressed alcoholic in this place. Sure the beer was good, but there was no music, 3 other people including the bartender and everyone’s heads were down and silent. It was weird.

So I made use of the time to call my dad and say happy father’s day as well as call my wife and say I love you.

It wasn’t until I was leaving that some conversation was made. Found out he, Tim, is a veteran and got to hear a little of his story before leaving.

After my less than amusing beer stop, I fought through highway traffic to a KOA campsite. I checked in, met a lot of interested fellow campers, did some laundry and watched the sun set with a.. umm.. bud light given to me from another camper. It was beer or water that I had to choose from so I of course chose beer. Yes, even bud light.

Watching the sun set over the Neuse River

Day 37 – New Bern to Greenville, NC

I opted to follow Google maps instead of the Greenway today because the Greenway took me the extra long way to where I would not have made it to Greenville in the days riding.

This route took me through the North Carolina boonies. Through a bunch of farm land that was very pretty for the days ride.

The beast

So I’m riding my bike down this street. Farms and large lots with their homes line the street on both sides.

I’m riding about 10mph as the sun beats down on me. I see a dog laying in the freshly cut grass of a house I’m about to pass. That’s a good looking dog I casually think to myself.

He turns his head, and we lock eyes. “Good dog…oh, big dog!” I say to myself as he stands up. He turns around and starts walking towards the road – eyes still locked on me.

I assume he is chained up like most of the other dogs I have passed by while riding through the country side. Then he starts galluping.

Now he is at a full sprint towards me, barking and not looking like that nice dog I saw laying in the grass!

It was just a week or so ago, I was at a families house in Myrtle Beach and we watched the movie Sandlot. I felt like Benny Rodriguez getting chased by the beast! Except I’m biking, and this dog seems a whole lot faster than in the movie!

His upper lip is curled up and I can see his big canine teeth as he barks at me. He shifts from behind me, to beside me, to right next to me.

I throw out my foot real quick and just barely missed kicking the dog as he looked at my legs like chicken bones for dinner.

We were now far past the yard he came from and no one was coming out to stop him or look for him. This beast of a dog chased me a good 7-8 houses. Now mind you these houses are not right next to each other like in the suburbs. These are farms and houses with acres of land.

I’m hanging on tight to my handlebars and trying to swerve back and forth and pedal harder and faster. Finally the dog slows down to a stop and just barks as I ride away. And just like in the Sandlot, man wins! (Not sure the dog would end up just licking me in the face though).

Greenville breweries

Google finally led me out of the farmlands and into Greenville where I found Pitt Street Brewing. Right as I walked in, the only other guy sitting at the bar said my beer was on his tab.

Pitt Street Brewery

Perfect! I got my usual flight and of course saved the best for last which was the sour in my opinion. This brewery was real big with all sorts of board games, live trivia about to start, and ping pong and a beer garden in the back.

I then made my way to Trollingwood Taproom and Brewery. Unfortunately, they only had a single home made beer. All others were guest taps. So I got their solo homebrew which was a jalapeno ale. It didn’t have too hard of a spicy after bite so it was very drinkable.

Rollingwood Taproom and their only house made beer.

I then made my way over to the local park named River Park North. They said you have to apply for a permit to camp there. I told the young guys my story and they made up a permit and allowed me to camp out there in the group drive-up site.

This fire actually lasted!
Sunsetting at River Park North


  • Day 36: 39.76 miles
  • Day 37: 46.96 miles


  • The New Village Brewery beer garden
  • New Bern KOA
  • River Park North


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    • I tried to grab my GoPro once during it, but when I reached forward to grab it he would lunge at me again! I wasn’t going to stop and get a picture once the dog stopped!

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