East Coast Bike Tour Day 33 & 34

Day 33 – Wilmington to Jacksonville, NC

With my rest day yesterday, I was feeling good! Both because my body was able to recover a bit, and I was able to get a lot of good grub and some calories back in my body.

I woke up before my parents, ate a good amount of the free hotel breakfast, drank a couple cups of coffee and saddled my bike. I got on the road to Jacksonville before my parents even blinked an eye. My expected ETA was around 1pm so I told them to meet me then.

View of Kings Creek on my way to Topsail Beach

I was cruising though! I felt strong and got to our hotel which ended up being 62.16 miles of riding in 4 hours and 21 minutes. Rode past some training grounds for the Marines on my way. Both myself and them just stared at each other wondering about each others lives before finally waiving and going our separate ways. Arrived to the hotel right around noon and waited a while for my parents to arrive.

Marine training grounds
Ended up passing the biking group I was following

On my way, my bike kept shifting itself. It was loose, so I got aggravated and pulled over to tighten it. Just as I pulled into a parking lot and got the right tool out, I saw a lady biker all loaded up traveling south. I tried to get her attention, but it didn’t work. Not sure what her route was, but it could have been the first person I saw doing the whole thing but in reverse of me. I will never know.

Another close call as I pulled out of the parking lot waiting to get on the road. A car rolled by and the back wheel flung a rock right at my head. Luckily I had a lot of coffee earlier so my reflexes were ready. I was able to duck and dodge it!

Guess what our plan once my parents showed up to the hotel? Go to a brewery!? Probably what most people would have guessed, but no it was to get food and ice cream! We did good at keeping our bellies full and our sweet tooth satisfied.

We drove down to Emerald Isle after and visited the beach, but it was way too windy. Since it was so windy we found a cool little hiking area called Emerald Isle Wood Park where the trees were able to block it all.

Surf City Beach
Hiking with the rents

It was great getting to have both my parents fly out from Colorado and spend some quality time with me. Love them both!

Day 34 – Jacksonville to Cedar Point, NC

Today I biked to pretty much the same place that I had drove with my parents the day before. I was going to meet and stay with a relative. Not exactly sure what our relationship is but through marriage we are related.

I was able to sleep in, stuff my belly full of food and take my time getting ready since it wasn’t going to be a big milage day.

Said adios to my parents and took the long way to Cedar Point, through the nearby national Forest.

Cheesin’ through Croatan National Forest

Matt, Hilary, Mac, and Eppi were a beautiful family and so kind to let me stay and feed me. It was super cute when I rode up to their house, little Eppi got so excited to see me and welcome me to her house. It wasn’t more than 20 minutes after arriving that I was playing games with her.


Matt is big in the biking industry and has a pretty neat story. He has always been big into biking and a little over 4 years ago was hit by a truck while biking and broke his pelvis and other parts. After that he decided to make bright, colorful socks to make bikers even more visible on the roads.

Some of his socks (photo credit to Ridge Supply)

His company exploded and now that’s his full time job. The company name is Ridge Supply and can be found here. He now puts on different bike races and clubs and I could tell he loves what he gets to do.

Matt asked me if I’ve ever been in compression pants. I had no idea what he was talking about, but he showed me the pants and put me inside them. The pants tightly squeeze your legs and push blood back to your heart. Almost like a massage starting from your feet to your thighs for 30 minutes. It felt amazing both during and after!

Compression pants – Elevated legs

While I was in the pants, Matt went out and cleaned my chain for me and gave me some electrolyte drops to put in my water. He has all the biking knowledge and tricks, wish I had more time with them to learn them all!

Spent the rest of the day playing tag, checkers, pretend waiter, watching dance moves, and riding scooters with Mac and Eppi. Then had some great conversation with Matt and Hilary to end the night.

Mac and Eppi


  • Day 33 – 62.17 miles in 4 hours 21 minutes
  • Day 34 – 32.24 miles in 2 hours 9 minutes


  • Springhill Suites by Marriott
  • Hampton Inn and Suites
  • The Hawkins family


  • None

4 Comments on “East Coast Bike Tour Day 33 & 34”

  1. Awesome stuff man! There’s a part of me that’s wants to come back up and ride a little more with you! Glad that rock didn’t hit your head!!!

  2. So great that your parents could come out to see you during your journey!

    You have totally inspired me to start trying some longer rides and maybe even do a “bike overnight” soon. This past weekend I actually rode 40 miles roundtrip out to Safety Harbor and back. Thinking about maybe doing a bike overnight to Dunedin soon. Not sure how well I’d do with the camping part, though. I might have to splurge for a hotel for a shower. LOL

    How do you like your Brooks saddle? I really need something more comfortable for these longer distance rides.

    Also, do you use any special apps or websites to plan your route?

    Safe travels and have fun!!

    • That’s awesome to hear! 40 miles is just about what I am averaging per day.
      Most campsites do have showers just to let you know. However it is getting into the hottest part of the year so camping in a tent is definitely a little harder!

      I love the Brooks saddle. While it unfortunately is still breaking in, it is still actually really comfortable and doesn’t cause any friction where it shouldn’t be!

      All I use to plan my route is the East Coast Greenway website map and then Google maps.

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