East Coast Bike Tour Day 27 & 28

Day 27 – Francis Marion National Forest to Georgetown, SC

Woke up to a wet ground outside and I could feel it was going to be a humid day. I was able to pack up pretty quick, eat some hikers trail mix as my “breakfast” as I didn’t want to use the little water I had left to make oatmeal. I was able to get going plenty early before the rain that was again projected later in the day.

The ride out of the National Forest was beautiful and peaceful with just the sounds of bugs, frogs, and birds. More than half of my day ended up being like this, which was awesome. I had to break up those good riding back roads with the dreaded US 17 in the middle though.

A couple miles down US 17, I ran into life again – not just vegetation and passing cars – and it was a small diner. I stopped in, grabbed some coffee, and a big delicious plate consisting of a western omelette, grits and a biscuit. First eggs in a long time and they were delicious. Back home we buy eggs but the 5 dozen, so yes I usually eat a lot of eggs, and was super excited for this omelette.

I talked with another lovely old couple there at the diner that actually toured England by bike many years ago, and they were impressed and glad to see my bike seat was from England.

I saw the rain starting to roll in so I gobbled my breakfast quickly, drank a couple cups of coffee and bolted out onto the road again.

Later on down US 17, the Greenway route took me off into the middle of nowhere and it was glorious. For over an hour of riding in the backwoods, past all sorts of beautiful plantations, I only got passed by two cars!

Favorite entrance to a Plantation

This road took me into historic downtown Georgetown where I stopped for a breather and to look around. I ended up finding a B&B.

My kind of B&B!

This was not an ordinary B&B though. This was a Bed and Brew House! The owner, Joseph, makes beer and they rent out rooms of their house.

Bed and Brewhouse

Wasn’t planning on staying in Georgetown, but I had to stay here! So I did, and I had his two delicious beers and cream soda.

Their “pour it yourself” bar

A little bit later, another family joined me, and it was just us the rest of the night. After they went out to eat, they invited me into their family and we talked and played cards for hours.

Josh, Julie, Slade and Liam – The McGraff family

We had a great time getting to know each other, teaching the boys Blackjack, and drinking beer. Best part too, was I could just walk upstairs to a nice queen bed and fall asleep.

Day 28 – Georgetown to Myrtle Beach, SC

Today’s ride was actually really nice. There was plenty of bike path – finally!

Remember back to day 1 when I got passed by a couple of old ladies? Well today, I was passing old ladies left and right and leaving them in the dust! Either I’ve gotten stronger, or they are just slower here..

Trails into Myrtle Beach

Pretty sure every time I passed a pair of old ladies, they would giggle about my #travelingbrewski sign and ask if they could come with. I yelled back, if you can keep up! They couldn’t hear me at that point, though. Probably because their hearing was leaving them also.

I made my way into Myrtle Beach and a Dairy Queen caught my eye. I used to work at DQ growing up, for probably 6-7 years, ate it constantly and never got sick of it.


Went for ice cream, left with a bed

Today’s DQ visit turned pretty awesome, pretty quick. Within 5 minutes I had a place to stay for the night! Right when I walked in, Michal, asked me about my journey and he is a big athlete himself so he was very interested in my trip.

He gave me his address and said they would be back home around 5 and to text him if I was coming. I told him I would definitely be there!

So now I had a few hours to check out the town and grab some beer!

The town and beaches were uber packed because there was the big country music fest going on. I briefly rode around there before heading away from the beach and toward the beer.

New South Brewing Co

First stop was New South Brewing Co. They had a funky vibe, delicious looking food truck, and a few really good beers like their Dirty Myrtle DIPA and that same dirty Myrtle but with blood orange added in called So Dirty. Bartenders we’re too interested in talking to each other and those few patrons they knew already.

So I left and got caught in a little rain on my way to Liberty Brewery and Grill. I beat the worst of the rain though, thankfully.

These bartenders we’re cool as were the two ladies sitting next to me. I ordered a flight of their flagship beers and it comes with a large wheat beer glass.

Liberty’s flagship beer flight

I thanked them, but was not about to pack that on my bike tour. One of the girls next to me offered to send it back home to my wife! Sweet! (So babe I know you’re reading this, you should have a package coming shortly with a beer glass in it!)

Once the rain stopped, I got a text from Michal saying they were home. I loaded up for the 50 minute ride over to his place and started pedaling hard as the sky was still very dark and ominous.

About 20 minutes in my body screamed at me letting me know that I hadn’t eaten since just after 10am – almost 30 miles ago and 7 hours ago.

I started dumping hikers trail mix in my mouth and washing it down with the rest of the water I had. It’s amazing what some food will do for your body as I immediately felt better and stronger.

Once I got to their house I was able to meet the wife and 3 boys. What an awesome family and well behaved kids! We were able to talk about my trip, and Michal’s triathlons and about work and life and it just felt so easy to talk with them.

The Kovac family minus Wendy the photographer

Wendy, the wife who is an amazing photographer amd which you can check out her work at her website here, made some fresh and refreshing watermelon juice for us and Michal made some soup, meatloaf, rice, sauteed veggies, and salad. Then their oldest, Eli who is 15 years old, made some chocolate cake afterwards.

I felt spoiled! Eli even gave up his bed for me for the night! After dinner we watched the classic, and always a good one, Sandlot.

Beautiful Kovac family household


  • Day 27 – 42.33 miles in 3 hours 7 minutes
  • Day 28 – 53 miles in 5 hours 5 minutes



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  1. I love reading about your adventures! I read to Rick and we just laugh and enjoy how your needs are met and your honesty regarding the breweries and the graciousness of people along the way! Be safe!!

    • Thanks so much! Certainly being blessed by the people I meet along the way 🙂

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