East Coast Bike Tour Day 25 & 26

Day 25 – Hollywood to James Island, SC

Had to restart my riding route map due to phone issues..

There was a lot on list of to do’s today. I was going to ride into Charleston, visit some breweries, eat good food, check out downtown, and then head over to my campsite before 8pm.

Start of the bike path into Charleston SC

I slept in until it was unbearably hot in my tent – so until about 8am – and then took my time getting packed up. I knew my first stop was going to be a local coffee shop right before my first brewery which would open at 11. It was only going to take me a little over an hour to get to the coffee shop and Brewery which were across the street from each other.

I had a nice ride in with most of it on a path, changing from paved to unpaved almost every block. It was quite enjoyable, though.

On my way into Charleston SC

Once I had to get off the path, I noticed a pastry shop so I decided to stop there instead of the original coffee shop I was planning to go to. Once there, I realized my shorts I had hanging off the back of my bike we’re not there anymore.

Dang it! I only have 2 riding shorts, and I did not want to have to go buy another pair. So I quickly jumped back on my bike and retraced my path.

I had to bike an extra 6 miles back, but luckily found my black shorts laying on and now covered in the gravel.

Biked back to the pastry shop, had a large coffee and some delicious, warm banana bread and worked on my day 23 & 24 posts.

Charleston brewery time!

My first stop was picked because of their name and they were almost the closest to where I stayed last night. The Frothy Beard Brewing Co!

Must try beers here would be the two dark ones in my picture below. Their Back from the Dead porter which they won an award for and Brannigan’s Law sour ale.

They recommended my next brewery which was Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co. On my way, though, I stopped at a local BBQ joint and chatted with the owner himself. Mr. Rodney Scott’s BBQ joint. It hit the spot, and if I had the money I would have gotten seconds.

Talked with some nice folks at Edmund’s, and they recommended to visit Revelry Brewing Co next. This brewery has a rooftop bar where you can see a lot of the town and most nights watch amateur kickball at the park across the street.

I got stuck at this bar, not because the good looking twin blonde bartenders, but because it started dumping rain.

I had asked the bartenders, Carol and Kenzie, for food recommendations downtown, but because of the rain I ended up eating there. The sushi from the food truck there was actually really good.

My campsite I was planning on staying at was a 45 minute bike ride from where I was and it was raining hard. I saw a bridge not too far away and was going to make that my plan B. Camp under the bridge.

Luckily, at about 7, the rain lessened so I made darted out of the brewery to James Island. I made it with 20 minutes to spare before they closed and luckily was able to get my tent up before it started raining again.

Day 26 – James Island to Francis Marion National Forest, SC

Packing up my tent this morning was a chore. It was soaked and muddy and it was still drizzling out. Of course by the time I finished and was leaving it cleared up.

I biked into downtown Charleston again and this time was able to actually look around. I got some coffee and breakfast and sat for a whole charging my phone.

Today I was riding out to the middle of the nearby National Forest and was going to camp for free at some spot I had found online. So obviously there was not going to be any electrical outlets or water and really anything so I wanted to make sure my phone was charged and water jugs were full.

My phone has been acting up and it seemed like it took forever. At this point, it was a race against time because it was supposed to rain again starting around noon.

I made it out and started my journey across Charleston’s iconic bridge over into Mt. Pleasant.

I ended up playing cat and mouse with the rain the rest of the day. Once it started raining, I pulled off and got cover. Once it let up, I would keep riding.

Lots of hiding from the rain today

At one point, I got stuck at a Chick-fil-A and the Starbucks next door for over an hour and a half. I sat and charged up again and read almost the whole internet. Talked with my wife for a bit, and then it let up so I made the move.

It was still raining, but not nearly as hard as it had been. To the place I was going to camp at, was an hour and a half ride.

The ride ended up being perfect. A little wet for the first half, but then it cleared and the road wasn’t busy with cars. It cleared long enough for me to settle into the camp, and unpack my already wet and muddy tent.

Francis Marion National Forest camping

I’ve got a visitor

I was the only person here at this place..for the first 20 minutes. Then a sketchy looking truck with the back filled with all sorts of junk pulled up. I watch from about 50 yards away. The slightly older man got out of his truck, spit a big loogie, lit his cigarette and pulled out an axe from the back of his truck.

He started walking sort of in my direction, and he could definitely see that I was posted up where I was. He went over and started chopping a tree so I went back to what I was doing.

Watching the sketchy red truck pull up

Next thing I know, he is walking right towards me with his axe over his shoulder and walking swiftly. I nonchalantly start digging through my bag looking for my knife as if I don’t see him coming.

“Hey there!” he yells. I respond still as if I hadn’t seen him coming, “oh hey, how’s it going?”

Turns out he wasn’t there to chop me up. He is homeless and lives in this area in his truck where I am camping. When he was leaving, he did ask me if I was alone, though. So my guard was not completely down quite yet.

Making sure my bike wasn’t taken by the red truck

The rain came and went as the evening went on. A couple other people showed up also that put me a little more at ease knowing it wasn’t going to be just me and him in the middle of nowhere.


  • Day 25 – 32.48 miles
  • Day 26 – 39.94 miles in 3 hours 26 minutes


  • Lake Aire campground
  • James Island County Park
  • Francis Marion National Forest


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