East Coast Bike Tour Day 13-16

Day 13-15 – Rest

Prior to starting my bike trip, I planned a trip out to Colorado for a college friends wedding. So I knew I had to be to Jacksonville FL by day 12, so I could catch my flight.

My wife flew from Tampa and met me there and the first night stayed with my family in Littleton, CO. Next morning we drove up to Vail and was able to walk around Vail village for a bit, and try out two of the breweries there.

Vail brewing company

We lost track of time drinking beer and soaking in the sun while watching families play catch on the grass in front of us. We rushed back to the hotel and had only about 30 minutes to shower, get ready, and drive over to catch the wedding shuttle.

This is our second Colorado wedding that we have had to rush getting ready and my wife is an expert at it.

My forever beautiful wedding date

The wedding was beautiful and was a blast catching up with old college friends that I hadn’t seen in years. It was also nice just being able to rest my legs and butt for a couple days.

My legs stayed active, though, as we tore up the dance floor which I’m pretty sure was a part of my wedding vows.

Day 16 – Jacksonville to Jacksonville Beach

I had a super early flight that left Denver at 5:30 and got into Jacksonville FL around 11. I went to go order an Uber to get to the house my bike was [hopefully] at, and they wanted $42 for the trip. My Uber going to the airport a few days earlier was only $23! I opted to pay $1.50 to ride the bus into downtown.

Once downtown, I got the Uber over to the house for only $8.82. A savings of over $30!

Thankfully, my bike and gear was still at Mark’s house. I loaded it all back up, filled my water bottles and took off for the coast.

It was after 1:30 by the time I had left and I was starving as I hadn’t eaten all day. I stopped and got a big juicy burger and washed it down with some ice cold water.

Although I was only riding about 21 miles to the coast, I was struggling! Not sure if it was the 96 degree heat, the head wind, that big burger, lack of sleep or what, but I was not feeling strong and my body was letting me know.

After a grueling 21 miles, I made it to my campsite at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park. I felt better after downing more water and taking a shower after setting up camp.

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

There are tons of kids and families here riding around on bikes, playing at the beach, eating meals around picnic tables and sitting by camp fires. This place would go on my list of great camping sites for families, and my future family.

The beach next to my campsite at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

Looking forward to crossing over into Georgia tomorrow!


  • 22.09 Miles in 2 hours 54 minutes


  • Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park


  • None 🙁

4 Comments on “East Coast Bike Tour Day 13-16”

  1. Cool stuff man!!
    If I gave my wife 30 min to prep for a wedding…she would Kill me!
    See you soon!

  2. You are the marathon man!!! Are you allowed to sleeping during this East coast trip at all?!? Wow! Entertaining posts Aus. Keep dominating the road!

    • Haha I am allowed to sleep, but it doesn’t happen often! Thanks man, just trying to keep you entertained at work!

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