East Coast Bike Tour Day 12

Day 12 – St Augustine to Jacksonville, FL

Biking up to Jacksonville to a home that I will be leaving my bike at for the weekend took me off the East Coast Greenway route. Doug hooking me up with an old friend again! Google maps turn to get me to my destination. It was a mess. First, it decided to make me ride 10 miles off-road in Guana River Wildlife Management Area, which I could have just stayed along the coast on A1A on a nice paved street.

It was actually really beautiful though and glad it took me through there, and glad my bike took it like a champ. It gave me shade coverage and was quite peaceful and fun getting off the streets for a bit. 10 miles of it took a lot of energy especially on a 60 mile biking day.

Cheesin’ for the camera while riding on gravel in Guana River Wildlife Management Area

Next, I made a stop at Starbucks to finish off my gift card I got from winning pin the tail on the donkey at my buddy Keith’s place on Cinco de Mayo. Refueled with some coffee and a sandwich and followed Google maps out of there.

Or did I? Google first took me to a road saying bikes were prohibited, so I went with route 2. Route 2 took me to a newer subdivision that dead ended. So that was an extra 4 miles after I turned around.

Sorry Mom and wife, but I went back and took the prohibited road for bikes. It was only about 4 miles on this highway over to US 1, but it actually had a nice big shoulder most of the way. I just had to dodge the off and on ramp cars.

Luckily I didn’t get pulled over by a cop and I didn’t get hit! That burned a good amount of energy as well as I tried to pedal as hard and as fast as I could. I stuffed a protein cookie inside my hand bar bag this morning so I went to town on that today. Thanks Clarissa for that cookie!

Jacksonville, FL breweries

Aardwolf Brewing Co was my first brewery stop biking to Jacksonville FL

My first brewery stop was at Aardwolf Brewing Co, home of the fake running club. I guess some people come in dressed like they are going for a run, but instead they just sit and drink. That’s my type of running club! This brewery has an excellent sour that is probably going to make it on my top 5 sours list: the Extra Cherry Lovely which is aged in oak barrels with cherries and vanilla added.

Second brewery stop at Fishweir Brewing after arriving in Jacksonville

After getting settled in the apartment that my friend Doug set up with his friend Mark, it was time to find another brewery.

I got tricked into two “breweries” that I thought I had missed on my map. These bars don’t currently make their own beer but say they will soon. I didn’t give them any of my money and instead walked 25 minutes to Fishweir Brewing Co.

I am now off to Colorado for a long weekend for a wedding and a quick rest for my legs and butt! Will pick back up from where I left off in Jacksonville on Monday.


  • 58.64 miles in 5 hours 3 minutes


  • Anastasia State Park
  • My friends, friends house


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