East Coast Bike Tour Day 10 & 11

Day 10 – Oak Hill to Daytona, FL

Leaving Oak Hill headed towards Daytona or more specifically to Tomoka State Park just north of Daytona. Today was way worse than yesterday in terms of love bugs. I couldn’t even dodge them. They came in swarms and just stuck to me and pelted me in the face.

I was on a road with a small shoulder so I couldn’t even try to dodge them without accidentally weaving into traffic so I was stuck being covered in them.

I took a detour off the East Coast Greenway route in search for a brewery, and found Tomoka Brewery that was recommended by the guys in Oak Hill that I stayed with.

Tomoka Brewery and their broncos sign

Tomoka Brewery had some great beers, the bartender was awesome and just so happens that she is moving to Colorado (my home state), and behind their bar they have a broncos sign! So they definitely got some bonus points from me.

Right after the brewery, I went to the local bike shop in search of a kickstand so I don’t always have to lean my bike against something which got annoying. The bike shop hooked me up with a nice dual kick stand and a free draft beer! It is now much more convenient stopping and putting up the kickstand instead of finding a tree to lean the bike on.

Cheesin’ at Tomoka State Park

Day 11 – Daytona to St Augustine, FL

St Augustine lighthouse

Day 10 from Daytona to St Augustine has probably been my best day yet! It started out with a beautiful ride through state forests with lush green plants and canopy tree covered in moss and then along the beaches hearing the crashing waves and the kids running and playing.

Riding through Bullow Creek State Forest

It was an easy 45 mile day and made it to Anastasia State Park around 1. Settled into the campsite, unloaded the bike and went into town.

I visited the lighthouse, rode around downtown St Augustine, and stopped at 3 breweries. At these breweries I met the nicest people – both employees, owners, investors, and beer drinkers. I was given free beer, multiple stickers and coasters, and many people asking about and wanting to follow my trip. I had some great conversations over flights of great beer. What could be better?!

Owners of Old Coast Ales taking a picture of me inside their brewery

I thoroughly enjoyed each brewery and the beer that they all brewed. But what makes these breweries the best are the vibe and the people that run it. Kudos to St Augustine and their craft beer scene and friendly folks! I would definitely want to go back and visit them again.

In St Augustine, some old buildings

My campsite is right next to a family with 4 young kids and as I write this, I can’t help but think this is my future with Clarissa. It’s funny hearing them bicker and play and giggle and gripe and how patient and kind the parents are. Oh what I have to look forward to! I would highly recommend this Anastasia State Park to go camping with a family by the way. Lots for kiddos to do both in the park and in St Augustine.

Lunch stop riding to St Augustine

To sum up this great day, my friend from church, Doug has been texting me and texting his friends and finding places for me to stay all over! Thankful for him and everyone else finding a place for me to stay or taking me in for the night!


  • Day 10: 34.99 miles in 3 hours 7 minutes
  • Day 11: 55.08 miles in 5 hours 53 minutes


  • Friends house
  • Tomoka State Park
  • Anastasia State Park


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